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If you are interested in signing up for a Skill Improvement Class click on the link below entitled:  Program Description.  That link allows you to view the current classes that are available and it also provides a brief description of each class listed. 

Once you have decided on a Skill Improvement Class click the "Sign Up Now" link located at the end of its brief description and fill out the information requested. 

Be sure to click Submit Query once you have completed the form. 

Once the JATC receives a request from a member to sign up for a Skill Improvement Class that member in entered into our excel database spreadsheet according to the specific class requested.  All classes are filled on a first come / first served basis.  

If you have signed up for a Skill Improvement Class and have not been contacted by the JATC, more than likely, not enough people have signed up for the same class and we are just waiting for more requests. 

You will remain in our database according to the class you signed up for and the date we received your request and as soon as enough people sign up for your requested class you will be notified by the JATC as to a start date.  If you should have any further questions please contact the office of the JATC  and we will be more than happy to answer them. 



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