Career Options

Career opportunities in the Electrical and High Tech Information Industry

The Long Island Electrical JATC has four major career options which can be divided up into the following:

  1. Electrician – “Inside“, which consists of the standard electrical installations and renovations of our malls, office buildings, electrical generation plants, manufacturing plants, airports, traffic signals, streetlights and similar facets of electrical work.Electrical Career Options
  2. Maintenance Technician – “Maintenance“, which comprises the standard maintenance tasks necessary for the support of the “inside” segment of the industry. All the installations, such as those for major malls and public buildings, traffic and street lighting, which are covered by the “inside” segment, are also the responsibility of “maintenance”.
  3. Telecommunications Technician – “Tele Data Tech”, which is made up of the installation and maintenance of telephone systems; computer network systems; internet connections; fiber optic systems; data and video systems and all types of alarm systems. Our BICSI and CISCO-certified personnel are trained to meet any challenge.
  4. Residential – “Housewire”, which is made up of the electrical installation and maintenance of our homes, apartments, townhouses and apartment houses.

In all the segments of the Electrical Industry, our qualified professionals can perform any task set before them. Our people are subject to years of thorough training; first through an apprenticeship program and later through journeyman skill improvement programs.

Career Training Opportunities:

Electrician, Maintenance Technician, Telecommunications Technician, Residential Electrician